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The Middle East e-Learning Association

The Middle East e-Learning Association (MEEA) is an independent, non-political, non-profit association dedicated to growing the understanding, practice and knowledge transfer of e-learning in the region. With its members joining from various countries of the MENA and neighboring region representing the various sectors of e-learning (corporate, government and educational organizations), MEEA acts as a vibrant and dynamic network which actively contribute to the development of e-learning related policies and strategies, developmental programs, research, quality assurance frameworks, conferences and events, etc.

The MEEA has also been supported by some of the most renowned regional and international organizations which include: UNESCO, The International e-Learning Association (IELA), The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), The European Distance Education Network (EDEN), Commonwealth of Learning (COL), European Learning Industry Group (elig), United States Distance Learning Association, Open and Distance learning Association of Australia, Educause in the US and the Swiss Center of Innovations in Learning. MEEA invites members from the MENA and neighboring region to become members and contribute to the development and growth of e-learning in the region.


"I believe MEEA is now on the right track to move forward and contribute positively towards the promotion and advancement of e-Learning the in the Middle East region. My sincere best wishes to the Chairman, President and members of the board of MEEA". 

Prof Dr. Mansor Bin Fadzil
Senior Vice President

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